Sunday, January 27, 2008

An introduction

Hey everyone. Here are a few of my images and be sure to check out the sketchbook page linked on the right. Thanks :)


This one discusses our longing for something other than the uniqueness of ourselves and how maybe we should be satisfied with what we have because we might not know the whole truth of what we long for. (look at the top left corner)

"And they had to burn the house down to rid us." This image is an illustration to the last line of a poem that discusses a bee infestation, and that line is also the title :).

This one (above) will be featured in the winter edition of Creative Quarterly Magazine 10 which you should look for at Barnes and Noble because art is cool and there is going to be a lot of really great student work. This ones called "Before There was Blood on Her Finger," referencing the fairy tale Briar Rose, moments before she pricks her finger on the witch's spindle.

"Bearer of Good News." This ones also from the Briar Rose series I had started. In the beginning of the story, the Queen is bathing, and a frog hops up to her and announces she is pregnant with a daughter. Peculiar but great. I left the top left open for the placement of text if it were to be published.

Here I was re-experimenting with the use of newspaper for a collage element. I really enjoy the texture it adds to the viewing of the piece.

Below are a series of short drawings I did for fun exploring different relationships.
The relationship between bliss and ignorance.

The maternal relationship of "birds"
The industrial/wildlife relationship

Alright, the drawings below are all from last school year, and I haven't had time to rephotograph them, so I apologize that they don't enlarge much if you click on the image. These are just a few of my favorites.

"Beware of Cliff." This illustration is about being careful with the exposure of our hearts without thinking about what we might be doing, and the trouble thoughtless decisions could lead too.

"The Buried Staircase." Here I was just beginning to explore collage, repetition of design, and the use of blank space to show depth. It really started the ball rolling for what I'm exploring now.

This was my first pen and ink drawing since my freshman year, and while doing it I realized how much I love ink. I was trying to figure out how to create an entire image with limited rendering, detailing only specific areas and letting the eye fill in other less drawn areas.

Just a painting for figure painting class, incorporating design elements.

This was an attempt to combine wet oil paints and pen and ink. I learned some tricks and was interested in the natural textures and blotting of the oil and ink that the mineral spirits left.

An illustration to a made up story. Here the girl is traveling across the lake inside of her living carriage. I did a series of these in different media, with the same main character. Maybe I'll post those later, though they ( this one included) are a bit outdated.


Caco said...

Loved the images. Beautiful work.

Marcos Chin said...

chris, thanks so much for your message on my blog. beautiful work that you have on your blog. i think you're smart for using it as your online portfolio. i hope all is going well in your final year at school. good luck to you!

AIGA | GVSU said...

Love the designy one! Really nice stuff Chris!

Tina Sweep said...

I'm so happy to see your blog and work finally up, you brat! It's just so beautiful and inspirational. I love the simple black and white and spot color contrasted to the complication of the content, not limited by sharp edges. There's so much joy in the pieces--lovely! Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the "just a painting" it is Gorgeous (with a capital G)! I'm keeping an eye on you Mrozik!

Arrolynn said...

Hi! I found your blog through Tina's. Your work is very beautiful and so unique. They're so very enjoyable :)