Thursday, May 28, 2009

Exhibitions and New Work

I recently had an exhibition, an honor I got to share with two other fantastic artists, Michael Hoskins and Patrick Richardson. Below are some of the pieces that were put on display. The first six are pen and ink drawings and the bottom three are sculptural dolls. I apologize for the poor quality of the doll photos, better ones are on their way. My show was based around the idea of symbiosis and the connection between different characters within a system--whether they benefited from one another or took advantage, I was more interested in the fact that there was relience and a story within each of those systems. I hope you enjoy! Oh and actual size prints are available. If you're interested, email me at

Waking Waters, Pen and Ink 2009, Appx. 55 x 18 inches

Guests, Pen and Ink 2009, Appx. 10 x 14 inches

Into a Tunnel, Pen and Ink 2009, Appx. 10 x 14 inches

Following Whales, Pen and Ink 2009, Appx. 19 x 54 inches

Before Automobiles, Pen and Ink 2009, Appx. 9 x 19

Their Home, Pen and Ink 2009, Appx. 55 x 18 inches

This picture is silly.

Here's Jacquelyn and I hanging out at the opening, what a gas.


Andrew in the Rye said...

Your work is so incredible!

NOTANJA (Anja) said...

These are great! The doll thing really works for you.

Jake Panian said...

I really like your work!! :)

Anastasia said...

you're so beautiful!