Tuesday, May 13, 2008

metal menaces.

Hey everyone,
just uploading a couple metals projects. i have a few more, but i don't have digital images of them yet. hope you enjoy :)

Above is a ukiyo-e inspired neckpiece. All of the flowers are detachable and made of metal, paper, fabric, and plastic. It's fun because each flower can be worn as it's own pin.

Below is a spine, made of aluminum, plastic, ribbon, magnets and suction cups.

It's meant to connect myself and my mother. An assortment of back disorders genetically runs through the female side of my family. This piece, with the attachable curved spine can be worn separately, but connects down the middle with magnets when my mother and I would get close, representing our shared understanding of the burden of these disorders.

That's all for now, I'll upload more in the next couple weeks. Hope you're all doing just swell.

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